As a carryover member of the International Association of Employment Sites, I always look forward to the TA Tech Conferences.  I signed up for the upcoming TA Tech Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.  Normally, my primary goal at these conferences is to network with other attendees.   With the recent changes that TA Tech introduced, I will have to spend more time in the sessions like the one “Know What You’re Buying: Bot Clicks Aren’t Candidates” to be presented by Alex Murphy.

While I have the utmost respect for Alex, I worked with him for 7 years and I do not need to travel to Las Vegas to hear his thoughts.  So what changed to make me sit through sessions that sometimes can feel like hours or days.

Today, I received an email announcing the TAtech Center for Deals & Alliances.  In Orlando, TA Tech set up a room for companies to hold meetings and they also set up an app so that attendees could arrange for meeting with other attendees.  It was a great first generation app which achieved it purposes but still had a few bugs.

This time around, they changed things up a little.  I included a screen shot of their deal and alliance page.

The item that caught my attention is this Walking Pass for $300 if you purchased the conference pass.  So after purchasing a pass to attend the conference, if I want to meet with the attendees who are set up in this deal center, I have to shell out another $300.  I thought that I was reading this wrong by then found this note:  “Regular Conference attendees do not get access to the Deal Center and Deal Center passes do not include access to Conference presentations or the Exhibit Hall.”  If I was purchasing a meeting table in this deal center, I can not only meet with people who paid this fee??  How can this right?

As my wife and many of my business associates can attest, I am not the smartest guy on the block, but TA Tech’s approach to their deal and alliance center seems to be misguided.  Why would I purchase a table to negotiate deals when access is limited to this special deal center?  If I schedule a meeting with someone who does not have this special access, will they kick that person out?

My conference goal is to find as many attendees who I can work with.  If I am cordoned off from a significant section of the attendees, have I defeated my goal in attending?  Maybe it makes more sense to put the $300 fee for this deal center on double zero on the roulette table.